We are happy to share our products from our garden in Edremit which is the olive and olive oil capital of the world.

Our gardens are nourished with air circulation full of oxygen and world-famous north wind in the foothill of Mount Ida. Our olive is prominent with antioxidant and nutritional value and these properties    strengthen the quality of our olive oil.

As a boutique family business, we always aim to provide high-quality products rather than high amount of sales.

We have the responsibility to carry our traditional structure to the future generations.


Our gardens are cultural heritages. With our Sarraf brand, we are providing this heritage with our extra virgin olive oil and soap.

Olives are collected from our trees which have been pruned according to agricultural mechanization. Olives are transformed into olive oil in hygienic environment without oxidation.


The olive oil is conserving the vitamins due to the geographical location and correct agricultural practices.

The fruity taste and high quality of the olive oil is as important as the vitamin values.

Our olive oil has high notes from the analyses conducted by the experts. The packing of the products is compliant with the standards.