Sacred Tree from Sarraf’s Perspective

These magical branches which symbolised sanctity, abundance, justice, health, pride, victory, purification, and rebirth carry virtue and values on its shoulders throughout the history of humans.

As the tree is mentioned in all the books of God, it is evident olive is a rich remedy.
The branch of the olive tree represents fruitfulness and spiritualty especially when it is between the beak of a dove.
The sound of the winds in its branches are combined with magnificent dancing figures of the leaves.
You can feel the purity and cleanness. You will be amazed by such a simple beauty.
You will remember the whispering of Homers to an olive tree “I was here before you come, we believe that fruitfulness is much more than these trees on our land.
The leaves come to life in spring, sprout and grow. The fruits are visible with the bitter sweet sun of summer. The fruits grow ripe in autumn. The harvest period is like a sacred ceremony.
When the harvest ends, olive starts its journey as the most precious product for humankind.
The fruits which worth as high as a jewellery are collected from the branches and the nutritional value of the products are surprising.
The olive oil prepared by the grace of Sarraf is unique and valuable as a jewellery.

Olive branch is the symbol of peace around the world and the value of olive is not only hidden in the bottle. We are offering these diamonds on our land as Sarraf without compromising the natural structure. Aiming to make olive indispensable…All our efforts is to make the oil combined with the values of Sarraf the queen of your table.
The taste of natural olive oil of SARRAF will remain as well as the trust between your family and us as we do everything we can to provide healthy and hygienic products. We are taking all the responsibility to grow healthy generations. We will make no compromise and provide high quality services to give our children a healthy future.

SARRAF aims to be in the global market in 2017 with the quality of the products.
We are improving our marketing network to be effective in the foreign market, to make our products visible in the market, and to protect the continuity of our brand.
Our team is united to be recognized brand in export, and to represent our product with quality and trusting commerce. We are continuing our work to supply you the most natural olive oil.

Each drop of olive oil has sacred healing, patience, labour, naturalness, sincerity, and love…When our love is appreciated by you, and when we work to develop, SARRAF will give you the peaceful olive tree branch.